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For Families – My goal is to help you keep more of your own money, by fighting the tax-and-spend mentality in Olympia. As a father of three, education and community safety are important to me. We need strong local control of schools, without the disruptive state control and progressive curriculum. I’ll work on common sense solutions to school violence, while firmly standing up for our 2nd Amendment rights. As a licensed Foster Parent, I am a personal advocate for caring for our community members, including those with mental health or addiction battles.


For Businesses – The taxes and regulations coming out of Olympia are crushing our economy at every opportunity while treating our businesses like never ending piggy banks. We need to tackle L&I, unemployment, and the ridiculous taxes and regulations that strangle the very drivers of our economy. If these problems aren’t solved, businesses are going to leave Washington for friendlier states, meaning fewer jobs and less revenue to support our communities. I want to remind Olympia that businesses are not the enemy. Whether you are an employee or an employer, a healthy economy benefits us all.


For Central Washington – Our district deserve legislators who will represent us in Olympia. From the Yakima Valley to the Columbia River, our district spans vast agricultural areas while also being home to higher education, manufacturing, transportation, construction and many other supportive commerce industries. I will work tirelessly to protect the values of Central Washington. Values like the common-sense conservative principles of upholding the Constitution, supporting lower taxes, and preserving personal accountability. Let’s keep Central Washington strong for generations to come.

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